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Thoir an aire ! Droch leth-bhric Dwelly

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:55 am
by Gràisg
Seo rabhadh dhuinn a chuir Fionnghal choir an àirde air Abair Thusa. Tha leth-bhreac Dwelly's ri reic air Amazon ach a-rèir coltais chaidh a dhèanamh le OCR agus tha mearachdan na bhroinn.

Droch leth-bhric de Dhwelly

Agus seo pàirt den lèirmheas a chuir i an àirde air Amazon

"Dear readers, This is a sincere if serious warning.

This book has clearly been reprinted using Optical Character Recognition to replicate the contents. The company does explain that it is a print on demand book, however, what it isn't upfront about is the possibility that the books may be full of errors. OCR is a great technical advance but not suitable for publications and documents with old smudged, marked pages and somewhat smudgy typeface which old publications often suffered.
The original Dwelly contains over 1000 pages; this Fleet, Hants, edition contains a mere 720. Other suspected OCR editions appear only to have 300-400 pages. Very suspect in my opinion.

Faodaidh tu tuilleadh leughadh an seo: ... 130&sr=1-2

Re: Thoir an aire ! Droch leth-bhric de Dhwelly

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 8:55 pm
by Thrissel
Chaidh dhan leabhar a mhothaicheadh le Cothrom CLÌ cuideachd. Tha iad a' cur ris:
Cothrom wrote:The book (once received by the buyer) carries a warning: "If a book is very old, worn and the type is faded, this can result in numerous typos or missing text. This is also why our books don't have illustrations; the OCR software can't distinguish between an illustration and a smudge." So "Dwelly's Illustrated Dictionary" isn't illustrated at all!