Master-Apprentice / Bun is bàrr scheme NS

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Master-Apprentice / Bun is bàrr scheme NS

Unread post by faoileag » Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:56 pm

This is a really interesting-looking scheme supported financially by the Nova Scotia government, and exploiting the concept of 'elders', older native-speakers willing to interact with learners, which has been established there over recent years. ... f-Interest

Full details if you scroll right down past the ads.

I'm aware of a couple of schemes or courses in Skye (Staffin area with SMO) and in Uist (Uist Trust) as well as Gordon Wells' ongoing activities in the community in UIst, which actively involve native-speaker members of the community, but nothing quite as systematic as this.

Key points are that the pair live near enough to each other to enable regular visiting (so this keeps the dialect and the continuity benefits of the Gaelic very local), and that the learner is 'serious', with the aim of 'rebuilding Gaelic Nova Scotia' at grass roots level. The master gets some payment, and the apprentice has to keep a log and be tested before and after, so it's unlikely to be too dilettantish.

It's not a new scheme -. it has been used successfully in other indigenous language groups in the US, and training is provided to both parties.

What do people think of it? A model we could apply locally in Scotland?

(Especially bearing in mind recent comments on this forum about unwilling native-speakers.)

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Re: Master-Apprentice / Bun is bàrr scheme NS

Unread post by GunChleoc » Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:28 pm

I think it is an excellent idea. :D
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