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An ann gun anam a tha Soillse?

Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 10:14 pm
by Gràisg
Litir a nochd sa Phaipear Bheag:

"JUST READ Alasdair Caimbeul’s piece on Soillse, the Gaelic research project (WHFP 20/5/11). It was probably the £5.29 million that moved me to check the Soillse website. It’s hardly inundated with interest in it. Does anybody care about this stuff?
I realise that it’s easier for academics to analyse stuff in their own language (intergenerational transmission and all that) but its got no soul if you want to create a generous mood within people. The point is, if it’s already been agreed that what happens at community level is of most importance then personally I would have thrown the £5.29 million at the Gaelic groups who struggle away voluntarily seeking to provide emotional value for their work and leave the cold analysis to those who might wish to be volunteers.
There is already evidence that young people who have been through the Gaelic-medium education have a continuing interest in the language and want to set up their won groups. (Gaelic drama, for example). That opportunity exists because of the stalwarts over many years who have held the fort. Far am faic thu toll, cuir do chorrag ann.

Ian MacDonald