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Gaelic report tone too negative

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:22 am
by Gràisg
'S math gu bheil am Ministear a' gabhail pairt san deasbaid aig an ìre seo, bhiodh e math nan robh feadhainn eile de na BPA a' cur fregairt don a leithid.

Aberdeen Press and Journal
August 20, 2011

Gaelic report tone too negative

SIR, - I was disappointed to read the piece entitled "Scale of opposition
towards Gaelic revealed" in your paper on August 19.

The tone was unjustifiably negative, when the report we were publishing
presented an optimistic sense of how Gaelic is perceived in Scotland.

Eighty-one percent of people surveyed wanted to see Scotland maintain its sense
of Gaelic heritage and culture, more than double the number of positive
respondents to a similar question asked in a 2003 survey.

Slightly more than half would like to see more Gaelic in Scottish life. While,
yes, a substantial proportion surveyed had no opinion, we know not everyone has
a connection to Gaelic.

What's important to keep in mind is that a mere 9% were against greater use of
the language.

Alasdair Allan MSP,
Minister for Learning, Skills and Gaelic