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A' togail na Gàidhlig - Lifting the Gaelic

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:30 pm
by Gràisg ... -gaelic--3

"“A’ Togail na Gaidhlig | Lifting the Gaelic” is a month-long residential Gaelic immersion program in Aberdeen, Nova Scotia that we are facilitating that will get people speaking Gaelic in a supportive and relaxed learning environment. 14 motivated learners will learn language and explore Gaelic culture in North America’s most enduring Gaelic community. They will experience music, dance, songs, stories, visits, traditional food, crafts, and outdoor activities – all in Gaelic. With scheduled events over days, evenings and weekends, participants will complete 250+ hours of Gaelic-only living."

Tuilleadh an seo ... -gaelic--3