A' sealltainn naidheachd a-mhàin

BBC Alba e-petition

Petition by John Macleod calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government, given its responsibilities to promote and support Gaelic culture, to make representations to the BBC Trust to ensure that BBC Alba is made available on Freeview now rather than wait for a review planned by 2010.
  1. 66% of the scottish population currently unable to access bbc alba broadcasts, with the service not available on freeview (most popular method of programme delivery).
  2. target viewing figure identified by the bbc trust as an indicator of evidence of public benefit (250,000 per week) vastly exceeded (610,000) in the first week of the new service.
  3. imperative that the bbc trust make this popular & long-awaited service available to as wide a viewing audience as possible without delay.