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Feasgar math,

Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. We are Australian of Scots descent, and now living in the glorious Highlands of Scotland. Our son attends the local primary school and is in P4 in the Gaelic Medium Education curriculum (has been since he was 2 yo when we arrived here in 2011, attending the local Croileagan).

My husband and I have attempted to be learners of the language, though we've faced many external obstacles and challenges this last few years. We are now making a concerted effort to bring ourselves up to at least a conversational level (and hopefully fluent at some stage in the future), and have recently been using the many online resources available to parents of children in GME. Gaelic4PArents.com, 'Speaking our Language' videos on Youtube, and more recently the free Mango languages website which we've found most useful. More recently, we have joined the local Gaelic conversational group which occurs fortnightly on a Monday evening, though due to work commitments, my husband is unable to attend. I have taken my 'wee tr*nsl*t*r' with me to one meeting so far, and we thoroughly enjoyed being in that environment. As a bonus, I got a private coaching session from him on our way home.

I look forward to any contribution we can collectively make in ensuring this rich and cultural language is revived and in another world perhaps, becomes a mainstream subject for all school children in the Highlands and Islands.

Moran taing!
Catriona (Kathryn).

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Fàilte chridheil ort! :)
Oileanach chànan chuthachail
Na dealbhan agam

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Agus bhuamsa! :-)

Tha sinn toilichte teaghlaichean is pàrantan fhaicinn an seo, agus deiseil is deònach ur cuideachadh! :-)

Welcome from me too! :-)
We are happy to see families and parents on here, and ready and willing to help! :-)

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