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My Pronunciation

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:10 am
by jasonleitch
Ok... I'm gunna do it! or at least I want to. I'm putting myself out there, I want my accent to be judged and corrected. I'm not yet ready for conversation I know that for a fact, or I'd be all about skype. My listening skills aren't the beeeest but, what are you gunna do, I've been learning for like 5 months. Anyway, is there any way I could record some sound files and upload them somewhere for everyone to access and critique? (preferably not youtube but can do if it's all there is). I have some holes in my game but I feel like I don't do to bad!! I really do, there's so much emphasis on accents that I want to get it right early on!

One thing I have been kind of concerned about is dialect. Considering I don't know which pronunciations are relative to dialect I might say one word here and the other there and just sound like an idiot lol. SO I really want to do this, feel free to tap my fingers as I play.

I wanted to do a pre Blas Na Gaidhlig and then a post Blas Na Gaidhlig. This is pre lol. So I'd like to do a sound file with my vowels/consonants then some words then sentences. I don't think i'm to bad... I don't want to regret saying that but dialect can be confusing this far from home. I don't know if my Lj is 100% but I give it a good go. I hear it as a clear y when some people say it and more of an l from my palate on sites like Akerbies. With some things it's hard to know if i'm doing it right because there's no one to say, "no, like this!" =[ BUT I'm ready to get interactive here... *cough* and stop chewing on my tongue for 30 mintues wondering if I'm saying my Lj right or not.

I noticed it's 35 quid plus shipping on the UK site for Blas na Gaidhlig aaaaaand $334.99 USED on the US site so.... O_o no to that. Lol nae joke.


Re: My Pronunciation

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:30 am
by akerbeltz
My US reseller has run out of stock just now but you can order from Sìol in Nova Scotia, $69.95US, dunno what their postage is. Always a good idea to just check the publishers site or just google the ISBN if you can't find something on your normal megastore 8-)

Re: My Pronunciation

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:57 am
by Gordon Wells
jasonleitch wrote:.... Anyway, is there any way I could record some sound files and upload them somewhere ...

I find Ipadio very user-friendly. Register for free, then dial their number and leave a voicemail. Hey presto - unique URL webpage with soundfile created in an instant.

You can also upload audio files in the "traditional" manner. This is my Ipadio channel (to and from which I can link Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter etc...):

Re: My Pronunciation

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:35 pm
by jasonleitch
Akerbie, it's shall be done

Gordon, cheers pal that helps a lot! I'll probably attach some links to this post, with the trickiest things, I think I know and I just need an green light on.