ceist mu dheidhinn 'pride'

Ciamar a chanas mi.... / How do I say...
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ceist mu dheidhinn 'pride'

Unread post by tj4234 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:06 am


Bha mi a' smaoineachadh... ciamar a chanas mi 'pride' air feadh na h-eileanan? Agus caite an canainn gach facal?

Tha eolas agam air prois...

Tapaidh leat


I was wondering... how would I say 'pride' throughout the islands? And where is each word used?

I know 'prois'... but not much of the others (of which I know there are).


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Re: ceist mu dheidhinn 'pride'

Unread post by akerbeltz » Thu Jan 09, 2014 7:02 pm

I'm afraid there is no perfect answer. At least to part of your question. To begin with, there are two big online dictionaries which are useful to learners, the Faclair Beag (which has a clone on LearnGaelic and the Stòr-dàta. Both have their advantages but for now, you probably want the Faclair Beag as it gives you more 'background' to the words, including examples. The Stòr-dàta is closer to a terminology list. Both work E<>G so you can look up either language.

As to the geographic spread, that's not entirely clear. If you ask native speakers, you will get their views but that may not be 100% accurate. What I mean with that is someone might say 'word x is only used on island z' - and that may well be true but since a single speaker is not a dialect atlas, they may simply not be aware of region y using it too. So you can ask people but don't overgeneralise from the answers.

The other option, which is gradually getting better, is also the Faclair Beag. Do a search for 'pride' and on the results page, click on the blue underlined results. If we have data on usage of a word, you will see pins on a map. Again, if there are only a few pins, don't take it as gospel - the absence of data on these maps often just means we have no data yet. But on the bright side, it gives you a hunch that, for example, pròis and moit are at least known in the mainland areas of Gaelic speaking Scotland.

Some maps are better than others - try a surch for rireabh and compare the maps and you'll see what I mean.

Hope that helps

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