Beauty and Fashion Expressions

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Beauty and Fashion Expressions

Unread post by LexiF » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:11 pm

Halò! I've just started learning Gaelic (although I have an intermediate knowledge of Irish). One thing I've noticed is that a fair number of fashion and beauty terms seem to be missing from the Gaelic dictionaries I've consulted. Is there a Gaelic equivalent of the Irish database Some of the words I'm looking for:

lip gloss (Irish: snas béil, my own guess for Gaelic: lìomh-lipean?)
blusher (Irish: luisneach, Gaelic: ?)
leggings (Irish: luiteoga, Gaelic: briogais-teann?)
pleather/faux leather (Irish: leathairéad, Gaelic: pleathar?)

I'd very much appreciate some feedback from fluent speakers :) Tapadh leibh ro làimh!

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Re: Beauty and Fashion Expressions

Unread post by An Gobaire » Sun Feb 02, 2014 8:39 pm

Halò. Fàilte ort.

The following are probably the most useful online Gaelic dictionaries:

You won't find such terms in these dictionaries as native Gaelic speakers tend to use English for words such as those, although "maise-ghnùise" is a commonly enough heard term for make-up in general.

I'd be inclined to have "gleans" for lip gloss

lip gloss - gleans-bile
lipstick - lipstic

Don't know what the other things are myself, so can't help you there.
Dèan buil cheart de na fhuair thu!

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