Using Ann for Exists

Ciamar a chanas mi.... / How do I say...
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Using Ann for Exists

Unread postby Níall Beag » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:26 pm

Right.. there's two things going on here that are one thing. (?)

In English we can say something is "here" (i.e. this place) or "there" (i.e. that place).
In Gaelic, you have "an seo" (this place), "an sin" (that place) or "an siud" (yonder place).

Now, if we use "this" or "that" in English, we only tend to use them once, and then future references to the same object are "it", because everyone knows which one we're talking about... and yet we always specify "here"(this) or "there"(that) when talking about places. Gaelic doesn't do this.

We only need to specify an seo/this place, an sin/that place, an siud/yonder place once... and then we use "ann" = "in it". What is "it"? The place! This place, that place; it doesn't matter -- you know which place I'm talking about, so why should I waste time repeating myself? So it's an "it place" of sorts.

In "there is" in English, we use a an abstract conceptual "there" for its location, and Gaelic uses the "it place" because it's more abstract and conceptual than any other option.

OK, so to the other one...
When we talk about the nature of a person or a place, that nature is "in him" or "in her" or "in it".

So both structures are "in it"... the difference is that in the "existential" ann, the it refers to an abstract place, whereas in 'S e àite snog a th' ann, the "it" is a specific concrete place.

This abstract "it" happens in English too. "It's me." What's me? Me's me? I'm me? No, just "it".

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Using Ann for Exists

Unread postby faoileag » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:28 am

'S e seinneadair a th' annam.
'S e bàile mòr a th' ann an Glaschu. Glaschu? 'S e baile mòr a th' ann, gu dearbh.
'S e àite brèagha a th' ann an Ulapul. Ulapul? 'S e àite glè bhrèagha a th' ann, tha thu ceart.
'S e cuspair doirbh a th' ann.
'S e latha math a bh' ann.

If you scratch the surface, what do you find inside / under the skin? A singer / a city / a lovely place / a difficult topic / a good day.....

'S e Albannach a th' innte.
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