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Re: matamataig---àireamheachd

Unread post by faoileag » Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:42 pm

Living in a place is not a habitual action. You don't do it again and again. That's why it's unlikely to be used in the future tense when you mean the present.
Your examples are fine - they ARE repeated actions. Habits, rather than ongoing states.

A bheil thu a' fuireach an seo? covers now and in general. You'd probably add adverbials or find alternatives if you needed to stress the "only right now" with "all the time", or any other nuance.
An e sin an taigh agad? Ann an an seo a tha thu a' fuireach? A bheil thu a' fuireach an seo an-dràsda fhèin? etc etc.

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