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CLDR - Unicode Common Locale Data Repository


The Unicode CLDR provides key building blocks for software to support the world's languages, with the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available. This data is used by a wide spectrum of companies for their software internationalization and localization, adapting software to the conventions of different languages for such common software tasks. It includes locale-specific patterns for formatting and parsing, translations of names, language & script information, country information and more.

Tha a' Ghàidhlig cha mhòr coileanta ann o thionndadh 26 a-mach.

ICU - International Components for Unicode


ICU is a mature, widely used set of C/C++ and Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support for software applications. ICU is widely portable and gives applications the same results on all platforms and between C/C++ and Java software. ICU is released under a nonrestrictive open source license that is suitable for use with both commercial software and with other open source or free software.

Tha a' Ghàidhlig 'na bhroinn o thionndadh 54 a-mach.

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