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'S dòcha gum di ùidh aig cuid dhuibh san iomairt seo: ... 8/?fref=nf
I'm looking for Scottish Gaelic learners of any ability at all to contribute some *very* short pieces of writing (no minimum length), in Gaelic, as part of a visual arts project.
It’s asking “in what ways are language learners able to be creative in that language?".
This is open to anyone who is a 'learner' of Scottish Gaelic of any ability at all. It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner, and you don't need any experience with writing.
The format is completely open too. For example, you could write a poem (or limerick, haiku, whatever), short story (fact or fiction), a dialogue (like a mini play), even just a list of words around a theme. Anything with words. Serious or humorous. Anything.
This isn’t about the 'the best Gaelic’, ‘the best writing’, it's about trying something out and seeing what happens. Any ‘mistakes’ are part of the work. Just be creative with words. If you like, you can be credited as 'anonymous'.
Selected submissions will form part of a exhibition that will hopefully be shown in the Outer Hebrides and Glasgow.
Exactly how they will be used is to be determined, but it's likely a small book will be made in limited edition alongside some other visual work. I’ll keep in touch with anyone who submits to let you know what happens.
I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and Gaelic learner living in Glasgow. I recently completed a Master's degree in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art, during which time my research interest was life and language on the Outer Hebrides.
This project builds on that, looking at second language acquisition and attitudes around language revitalisation in relation to Scottish Gaelic.
Bhithinn fada nur comain nam b' urrainn dhuibh cobhair a chur orm leis a' phròiseact seo.
For more information, email:
Amazing, thank you.
All you have to do is create a very short piece of writing and have it somewhere ready to copy / paste.
There are no requirements other than —
- you are a 'learner' of Scottish Gaelic (of any ability)
- your submission is your own original piece of writing (in Scottish Gaelic)
- your submission is maximum 300 words (there's no minimum length)
- your submission is received no later than 31st December 2016.
Once you're ready, click on the 'Sign Up' button at the top of this account's page and you'll be taken to a submission form.
Alternatively, you can message this page or email submissions to
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