Channel Islands Norman endangered

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Channel Islands Norman endangered

Unread post by faoileag » Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:54 pm

Some very similar statements made about CI Norman in this article (based on research for Cambridge University ) as we've heard so often about Gaelic: ... of-change/

Languages become threatened for a variety of reasons – there might, for instance, be political, religious or cultural forces at play. “But for many endangered languages,” said Dr Jones, “the reason they are vanishing is because people don’t want to speak them any more. In a nutshell, they perceive the native language as outdated and the new language as the language of progress.”

A changing view of the world around them has, Dr Jones believes, had an impact on speakers’ motivations to speak Channel Island French. Events in the 20th century, such as the growth of tourism and the offshore finance industry, led to English being seen as a means to prosperity and social advancement, and also brought in their wake large-scale immigration to Jersey and Guernsey from the British mainland.
There's much more in the article than that, though, so well worth a read. :D

There are also short soundfiles.

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Re: Channel Islands Norman endangered

Unread post by Gràisg » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:57 pm

'S ann a Jersey a tha Daibhidh Grannd (Ùlpan). Bha mi ann an Jersey ann an 2009 agus chunnaic mi beagan Jèrrias air doras mór-buth ach seachad air sin cha robh dad eile ri fhaicinn. Cha mhòr nach eil a h-uile ainm-aite agus soidhne rathad ann an Franingis/Jèrrias ge-tà. Gheibhear moran daoine a tha dà-chananach Beurla/Fraingis air sgath 's gu bheil iad cho faisg air an Fhraing.
Chuala mi bho cuideigin sa Bhreatainn Bheag gu bheil moran dual-chainntean sgìreil a' dol as an rathad san Fhraing ann an bailtean beaga gun duine sam bith a' bodraigeadh gus clàradh a dhèanamh.

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