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Blas na Gàidhliq - Mòran Taing :)

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:37 pm
by EowynAnduin
As mentioned, in the book, I am not at the point of ordering dinner at a restaurant but <-- large but. I now have a grasp of sounds and spelling. It always confused me why sròin has a "d". Now it doesn't.

I did an overall read through. Doing the exercises verbally without writing them down. Listened to everything. Now to go back and redo all of the exercises, concentrating on them to a greater degree.

May I compliment you on the layout of the sound files and the ease at which to carry them and be able to reference passages. Next is to test out the PDF's on my iPad to see if the sound works. If not then I will imprevise with sound on my iPhone and visuals on the iPad

I digress, my day is spent figuring out ways to go around things and the block people from actually accomplishing the very same

I trust everyone in Scotland are well and not drowning in all the rain that seems to be falling. I trust those in areas with no rain see some relief soon.

I also trust that when I arrive in Scotland and for the duration of my stay it will not rain heavily. I will be tenting it as often as I can and trust not to drown :)

Mòran Taing