Gaelic Lessons in Glasgow

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Gaelic Lessons in Glasgow

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We run gaelic classes at Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu which may be of interest to Forum members. The classes run on Wednesday Evenings 7-9pm at post-beginners level (from 1st October 2014) and intermediate level:

Improver’s Class (Post-Beginners)
This class is for those who have recently started learning Gaelic and have learned some basic phrases such as introducing themselves, or who have previously done some Gaelic, but not complete beginners. In this class, participants will expand their vocabulary, practice conversation skills, gain an understanding of grammar and learn new language techniques.

This class will run for a 10 week block starting on the 1st of October and running weekly until the 10th of December apart from the October School Break on the 15th of October and will cost £30 for the block. A second block of lessons is planned for early 2015.

The Class Tutor is Coinneach MacMhànais.

Intermediate Class
This class focusses on developing conversation skills, grammar and reading/listening skills. Topics covered include irregular verbs in past, present, future and conditional tenses, prepositional pronouns, idiomatic phrases and developing more advanced sentence structures

This class runs weekly until 10th of December with the exception of the October School Break on the 15th of October and costs £3 per week. This class will also continue in to 2015.

The Class Tutor is Margaret Nicholson.

For further information or to register interest contact Chris Hoy on:
Phone: 0790 229 8776

Thanks to Bòrd na Gàidhlig for continuing to support these classes through Taic Freumhan Coimhearsnachd. Gàidhlig san Dachaigh (Glaschu) is a registered charity in Scotland, No. SC040470.

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