First Gaelic Book?

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First Gaelic Book?

Unread post by Zwalla28 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:58 pm

I'm looking to get some sort of fairly-simple chapter book in Gaelic to work on my reading comprehension. A little challenging is better than a little easy, as I can always trudge through it with my dictionary. Do any of you have suggestions of what to get and where to get it? Thanks.

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Re: First Gaelic Book?

Unread post by MacCoinnich79 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:50 pm

Personally, I would suggest children's books. They use fairly simple Gàidhlig to get you started and then you can work your way up to teenage fiction and progress from there.
There is also the BBC Naidheachdan website with all of the latest Scottish news and An litir bheag

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