Tattooist wanting to learn

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Tattooist wanting to learn

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Hi everyone I'm really wanting to learn Gaelic, Its really difficult trying to source material to study, the app store is unfortunately not good, I've learnt a considerable amount of polish using nemo on the apple app store but they don't have one for this unfortunately.
Could you guys please list some sites or apps that you would recommend.
Thanks very much and I look forward to hearing from you all.


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Re: Tattooist wanting to learn

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I imagine you're interested to make sure you're aware of things like accents, spacing, spelling, to help you spot errors or be aware of what's important in general.
You won't be ready to give accurate Gaelic renderings of English phrases for quite some time, if at all (it's a skill in itself, on top of mastering the language to a very high level), and I presume you're aware of that.

If you're really serious about learning, here's a list of possible resources.

Learn Gaelic
This is a site that combines a lot of different materials and approaches:
This is the opening page for the Beginners section:
They also have a "Courses" list. You can apply filters to narrow the search, e.g. Beginners + Distance learning.

This site covers a whole range of software resources:

If you'd like a traditional grammatical course, try this:

If you want a real university-type course, you can study Gaelic at all levels here, also online:

And there's a very popular Duolingo course: ... h%20Gaelic

And many groups on Facebook, some with teachers offering online tuition.

The Scottish Gaelic t*tt** Handbook
- and this would be a really useful book for you - entertaining but also informative and practical:*tt**-handbook/ (You'll have to write out this link yourself to fill in the missing letters)

AKERBELTZ Gaelic Language Services

But as it will take a long time to learn the language yourself, obviously you won't be able to provide Gaelic equivalents yourself any time soon, so to be sure what you're doing is correct, go, or send your clients, to a reputable tr*nsl*t*r, such as:
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