Looking for a Scots Gaelic vocalist to speak/sing

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Looking for a Scots Gaelic vocalist to speak/sing

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Hello, faÌlte, feasgar math!

I am from Canada, with Scottish ancestry. I am also a highland bagpiper of 25 years, and have moved into producing music that uses Celtic folk instruments.

I am looking for Scots Gaelic speaking vocalist(s) for some contemporary/traditional fusion music that I am producing.

I would love to hear from anyone that speaks the language natively, as I have a list of phrases I would like sung/spoken, but I cannot tr*nsl*t* them myself, despite all of my time on Duolingo :mhoire:

I'm not sure if I can post an email contact or a link to the project here, so I'll just wait to hear from you!

Best, TÌoraidh,


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Re: Looking for a Scots Gaelic vocalist to speak/sing

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Fàilte chridheil ort!

I think I disallowed links for the first post to combat spammers, but you should be able to reply and post a link now. Most of our forum members are learners, but maybe you'll get lucky, so it won't hurt to try :)
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