How do I use the site? Where do I begin?

A bheil trioblaid agad le bathar bog an fhòram seo. Ciamar a chuireas mi sràcan ann? Gheibh thu freagairt dhan a h-uile càil ann a sheo. /
Trouble with the forum software? How do I add accents? All will be answered here.
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How do I use the site? Where do I begin?

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I've recently had a pm from a new member who asked this very fair question:
Hi, how do I navigate through the site?
It's too full of posts, where do I start to learn Gaelic? Which posts?
In case it's helpful to anyone else, this is what I replied:

This site isn't itself a teaching tool, but a forum for practice, support, networking and asking questions.

There are recommendations of links to programmes where you can start learning (online, with books, face-to-face etc) in the Gaelic2012 section:

as well as in the Forum's own lists of resources, e.g.

Personally, as a good way in, I would recommend either the BBC online course Beag air Bheag:

or the old but still useful 'Speaking our Language' TV series , now available free on the very useful new LearnGaelic site:

See the 'top tips' for new Gaelic learners on the Gaelic2012 thread for more comments, suggestions, recommendations. Basically, just pick a method and START! :D

And try out little bits on these special weekly threads (more to come): ... =31&t=2164 ... =31&t=2172

and here:

But most important is to get started on one of the courses available. Ideally face to face if there is a course where you live, or a distance course, failing that in self-study, but actively participate on here to get practice and feedback. If possible, pal up with others on Skype.

There are a handful of us willing to correct and encourage beginners, as best we can, whenever we have a moment. We are all volunteers on here, so it's not necessarily instant, and some of us are more/less advanced than others, but we do our best! ;-))

Gur math a thèid leat! Good luck!


Maybe others can add to this? :D


Re: How do I use the site? Where do I begin?

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"Official" Gaelic2012 advice would be as follows -
  • Stick to the Gaelic2012 part of the forum for the moment, until you are familiar with the system. You can post anything in this forum that you like, any questions at all. We are here to help you get started with Gaelic learning. Ask away!
  • Email us at if you are having problems with using the bulletin board system. [I'm assuming that the question came from someone from the Gaelic2012 mailing list, but if not, the same thing goes]. Our aim is to expand support on a needs-based basis (e.g. by making some simple screencasts or whatever). Just let us know what you need.
Also, I am extremely grateful to you for responding to this query in such an informative way and passing it on to us, @faoileag :) What we'd love to happen would be for the Gaelic 2012 group to start off as a virtual group but to lead to the formation of real-life learners' networks based around existing groups (like Cearcall Còmhraidh Fìobha in Fife or whatever). So far about 120 people have joined the forum, but 79 have yet to say hello!
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Re: How do I use the site? Where do I begin?

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I have just opened a new section for Skype meetings in the Còmhradh / Discussion section.
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