name in Gaidhlig

Thèid a h-uile iarrtais eadar-theangachaidh air imrich a-bhos an-seo. Ma bhios thu seachd sgìth dhaibh, na rach ann an-seo.
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name in Gaidhlig

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Could someone tell me how to write Maree in Gaidhlig. Is it the same as in english ?
Please no joke as it is to prepare my engagement.


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For what it's worth, Loch Maree is the anglicised form of the Gaelic name of the Wester Ross loch, Loch Maruibhe. (Derived from Saint Maelrubha.)
It's not a girl's name.

It has been conflated with the Gaelic version of Mary, which is Màiri.

If your name is pronounced ma-REE, I would leave it as it is.

If it's pronounced MAH-ree, the Gaelic Màiri would be fine.
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Yes, but better spelled MaRuibhe because the stress is on the second bit. Alternatively, Ma Ruibhe is also ok.
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Yes, you're right, but Maree, just DON'T call yourself that, in any spelling! :D
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Aretez-vous tous!

You're getting ahead of yourselves here.

First of all we've got to ask the woman what this name "Maree" is! You're assuming it's related to "Loch Maree" in Scotland, but you're ignoring the little clue at the bottom of the email: "Merci".

Well, I asked Jeeves and it turns out that "Maree" is a French name meaning "bitter" or "sorrowful". This is not related to "Màiri" -- "Màiri" is derived from the Biblical name "Miriam" and equivalent to the French "Marie", which is entirely different.

This is slightly confused by the American pronunciation, which confuses "Marie" with "Maree", however, we can see that the original poster is not a native English speaker (it is to prepare my engagement), so I'm guessing she makes a distinction.

To sum up:
There is no cognate to "Maree" in Gaelic.
There is also no suitable transliteration as we have no orthographical device suitable to denote either the stress pattern or the vowel quality (I blame the GOC -- it's pretty much "é").

I would never attempt to "tr*nsl*t*" any French name into English (I call Francois "Francois", not "Francis", and I never call Pierre "Peter") so I don't see why I would do so in Gaelic.
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O howway Niall bach! Tha mi a' creidsinn gu bheil thu ceart mu dheidhinn "Maree" agus an Fhrangais. Ach, mu dheidhinn "Peter" is "Pierre", tha mi eòlach air duine òg agus 's e Peter an t-ainm a th' air. Mar a thachras, tha e ag ionnsachadh Frangais san sgoil agus tha e ag ràdh "Je m'appelle Pierre". Francois? 's dòcha gur e "fronnsua" a th' ann.

Dè mu dheidhinn "Ma-raidh"? Cha bhi sin eadar-theangachadh idir, ach 's dòcha gum bi e a' riochdachadh an fhuaim.
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