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New Scottish Gaelic Conversation group in Minnesota

Tùs: Fòram na Gàidhlig
Roinnean-seorsa: Clasaichean - Classes
One of our forum members would like to see if there are other learners near Minneapolis, Minnesota also interested in learning and practicing Scottish Gaelic, so they have created a Blog.

These are "in-person" meetings rather than Skype meetings. Date/location information is shown on the blog page. accounts are free for members. You can "join" (and later "leave") a meetup to see what the group is about and when/where the meetings will be held, without committing to attending any meetings.

Any Forum readers in Minnesota are welcome to attend!

Skype Group for Beginners

Tùs: Fòram na Gàidhlig.
Air a lorg le: dughlas
Roinnean-seorsa: Clasaichean - Classes
Doug is planning free Skype sessions for beginners. Check out this thread for more information.

Immersion 2012 to be held in Flagstaff, Arizona, April 19-22, 2012

Tùs: ACGA.
Air a lorg le: sr3nitygirl
Roinnean-seorsa: Clasaichean - Classes
An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (ACGA) is pleased to be jointly sponsoring its 15th Annual Scottish Gaelic Immersion Weekend with the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society . This is an exciting experiment in conducting the event together with a local organization, and we're looking forward to an excellent event. This will be the first ACGA Immersion Weekend ever held in Arizona. The dates are April 19-22, 2012.

The immersion weekend is a unique opportunity for learners of Scottish Gaelic to come together with more advanced and native speakers in both a classroom setting and informal gatherings. Whether you are a new learner with no experience or an advanced speaker, the immersion weekend will provide opportunities to speak Gaelic in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Read more ...

Clasaichean ann am Portland - Classes in Portland

Tùs: Fòram na Gàidhlig.
Air a lorg le: Graineag
Roinnean-seorsa: Clasaichean - Classes
Tha clasaichean ùra ri fhaighinn aig Portland Community College.

There are new classes available at Portland Community College.
Hallo a h-uile duine,

Thòisich mi Gàidhlig a theagasg aig Portland Community College anns an Fhaoilteach, agus tha rudan a' dol uabhasach math. Tha dà oileanach deug 'sa chlas, agus tha ùidh làidir 'sa Ghàidhlig aca. Bidh clas ùr a' toiseachadh air 28mh am Màirt. Cuiribh post-d thugam airson tuilleadh fiosrachadh.

I started teaching a Gaelic class at Portland Community College (Portland, OR) in January, and things are going extremely well. There are 12 students in the class, and they have a strong interest in Gaelic. A new class for beginners will be starting up on the 28th of March. Send me an e-mail for further info.


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