Gaelic in Edinburgh

Deasbaid air cùrsaichean chànain amsaa. / Anything about language courses etc.
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Gaelic in Edinburgh

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I figure it's worth starting a thread for what's going on in and around Edinburgh, for the benefit of new members/learners in the capital.

Conversation circle - Tuesdays 7:30-9:00 pm
There's a conversation circle held weekly in the SNP Club on North St Andrew's St.
Individual tables at different levels, so turn up and you'll be directed to a table based on how you handle the first few questions.
£1 per person, includes tea and biscuits.
It stops for a couple of weeks during the Christmas break, and in August it usually moves to Tollcross Community Centre (where the Gaelic-medium unit is) as the SNP Club becomes a Fringe venue.

Am Bothan - monthly(ish) music night
Check out their Facebook profile for the latest info.


Re: Gaelic in Edinburgh

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Also, there is a five-day Ùlpan course happening in Edinburgh, from 13-17 February, 9am to 5pm. It covers units 1-20 of the syllabus, and costs just £75 (although you will presumably have to pay the £50 Ùlpan "registration fee" as well). Email for more information.
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Re: Gaelic in Edinburgh

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Tapadh leat for all this info about things going on in Dùn Èideann. I'll aim to get out and about at some point soon.
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