"Naidheachdan 11:00m" - Short daily news bulletin with transcription.

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"Naidheachdan 11:00m" - Short daily news bulletin with transcription.

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This might have been mentioned before but thought it was worth highlighting.

On the Alba section of the BBC News website, they post a short 2m audio bulletin of the main stories every weekday with the script underneath. The newsreader sometimes deviates a little but it's usually as spoken.

It's called just "Naidheachdan 11:00m" and the link is on the left hand sidebar of the page linked above if you scroll down a bit. The exact URL is unique each day and I think you have to go via the homepage to get it (if anyone finds a link that always gives you the latest, let me know). The links for each particular day do seem to persist though.

Here's a direct link to today's at the time of posting as an example.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/naidheachdan/36745100 Naidheachdan 11:00m

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